Green Chilly

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We group of farmers produce and supply best quality off Green Chilli with naturally & chemical free cultivated. To fulfill consumers’ need in easier way, we offer Green Chilly and other at very reasonable price.

Wide range of chillies including Green Chilli. Thai Birds eye, and. Are available residue free as per International norms.

Some of the health benefits of  Green Chilly are given below.

  • Taking spicy dishes with a lot of chillies and fiery capsaicin or green bell pepper in the summer months will result in cooling down your body by sweating process.
  • Biting raw green chilies will result in the pain you feel and help to dissolve blood clots and aids in digestion.
  • Intake of it will help a lot in your heart related problems Eating green chili protects from health problems.
  • It increases your metabolism by burning your calories.
  • It helps you to keep you in better mood.